70cl Bottle
70cl Bottle

Kirkjuvagr Yuletide Special Edition Christmas Craft Gin

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  • Kirkjuvagr Yuletide Special Edition Christmas Craft Gin 70cl Bottle
  • Allow us to introduce the splendid Kirkjuvagr gin, a special edition from The Orkney Distillery
  • This gin is a true embodiment of the festive spirit, brimming with mouthwatering winter spices, fruity delights, and floral accents, inspired by the cherished Christmas traditions of the Orkney archipelago and its Viking heritage
  • Originating in the historic town of Kirkwall, Orkney, this gin is crafted using a unique selection of botanicals, including juniper, red rose, angelica root, and a diverse range of other ingredients, reflecting the rich natural tapestry of the region
  • On the first encounter, you’ll be greeted by fragrant and warm spice notes complemented by the juniper aroma. As you take that first sip, you’ll discover hints of frankincense and myrrh, leading to a delightful flourish of floral tones on the finish. Bright traces of ginger and nutmeg emerge in the long, irresistibly moreish finish
  • This gin encapsulates the magic of Orcadian Christmas traditions and the enduring Viking legacy, making it a festive delight that will be cherished by gin enthusiasts far and wide
  • ABV 40%
  • Bottle contains 70cl
  • Age 18+
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